A Year in Books: 2018


2018, where have you gone?  It doesn’t seem like two minutes since you started and now you are almost over.  You were a very good reading year, an excellent one even.  I read more books than I ever have, I loved so many books both from old favourites and new ones.  So, thank you 2018 for being so awesome book-wise (maybe not for much else).  Here is how I did this year.

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December Upsum


Well, we’ve come to the end of another month and the end of another year.  After weeks of wrapping up my reading year, here’s another one because you must all be sick of them by now.  I originally aimed to finish the year on 135 books but then I requested the ARC for A Time of Blood and I couldn’t end with 136 books so I downloaded four short stories and novellas to round it up to 140.  I’m just weird like that.

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2018 Review 6: Books I Didn’t Like


With the good comes the bad.  For every books that is amazing, there are those that you find are not your cup of tea.  Not all books are bad, some are just disappointing so here is a list of both.  Some of these books I just really didn’t like and some of them just didn’t live up to the expectations I had laid on them.

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2018 Review 4: Favourite Fiction


2018 was a great reading year for me.  I read so many books that I absolutely loved, more than ever before and I think it’s because I actually started to engage more with other readers this year and taking their recommendations into consideration rather than just buying a book and hoping for the best.  Here is my list of favourite books in 2018, again like my other lists, not really in any order of preference. This year I’ve sorted it into books and authors I read multiple books by and books and authors I only read one of.

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Books I’m Looking Forward To In 2019 (Hopefully)


2019 is almost upon us so it is now time to turn our attentions to the books that are going to be released next year.  As of writing this list (and as listed on Amazon) all of these books are scheduled for release next year and, fingers crossed, they will be because I am very excited about them.

Here is the list of the ten books that I am looking forward to being released next listed in the order in which I thought of the authors name.

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2018 Review 3: Six Authors I Read For The First Time This Year And Loved


Last year I wrote a post about the authors I had read for the first time in 2017 and loved and I am going to do the same thing this year because I have read even more authors for the first time this year and loved.  I think I only had four on the list last year and I have even more this year.

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2018 Wrap Up 2: Least Favourite Characters


Where there are favourite characters there must also be least favourite characters.  You can’t love them all and these five characters are my absolute least favourites of the year.  You don’t get on a list like this without being utterly shit and these are my top (or bottom) five shittest, the ones that made me want to strangle them in utter frustration at just how much I disliked them.

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2018 Wrap Up 1: Favourite Characters


How have we got to the end of yet another year?  It’s December!  How?  It only feels like five minutes ago it was my birthday in January.  With the end of another year, the inevitable round of yearly wrap posts are coming and I have a boatload of stuff that I want to talk about so let’s not dally around any further and let’s get on with the posts.

The first category in my 2018 wrap up is favourite characters of 2018 (In no particular order, just the order I thought them up).

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Review: Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman


Neal Shusterman

Arc of a Scythe #2

Walker Books

528 pages (450 ebook)



When I read Scythe in the summer, I overall enjoyed the book but there was a lot of things that I wasn’t completely happy with.  Most of this stemmed from the fact it was a young adult novel and didn’t quite have the depth that I enjoy in a novel.  Thunderhead doesn’t exactly solve the problems I had with the first book but there were some new things that I enjoyed to go alongside the issues.

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