2019 Reading Goals


Oh look, it’s 2019 and another year means another set of reading goals.  I have decided this year that I’m not going to focus on the Goodreads challenge, although I am going to set a number simply because then I don’t have to actually count how many books I’ve read (yes I am that lazy).  So, without further ado, here’s what I am going to do to challenge myself with my reading this year.

1. At least once a month I am going to read a book by an author who I have never read before. The last couple of years I have read some great books by authors I would never have considered before and I want to continue with that in 2019.

2. I am going to read more Discworld novels. I have read a few of the books but I don’t feel as though I have really made a dent in it.  I seem to stick with my favourites and re-read them rather than branch out and try the other ones so that is going to change.  There is, however, no power on this earth that is going to get me to read the last one.

3. I’m going to attempt an internet reading challenge.  Probably this one

4. I am going to do what I am calling the Library Alphabet Challenge. It’s the same as the Alphabet Challenge but with the following rules:

  1. All of the books have to come from a library, either physical, ebook or audiobook (hence the library alphabet challenge).
  2. I can’t have read the book before.
  3. There’s no limit on length or type. It can be novel, non-fiction, poetry etc…
  4. The first word in the title is the only one that counts and articles also don’t count (the, a, an), so the letter comes from the second word e.g. The Fellowship of the Ring would go under F.

Those are the four main challenges I am planning to set myself next year alongside the many, many books I already have planned to read.

Happy reading everyone.

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