December 2022 Wrap Up


Well, we’ve come to the end of another year so it’s time for the final wrap up of 2022 and it just happens to be my lowest rated month of the entire year.

Here are the stats:

Books read: 9

Genres: 9 General Lit/Fiction, 1 Fantasy, 1 History

Average Rating: 3

Total number of pages: 4350

Gender of author: 3 male, 6 female

New authors read: 6

Re-reads: 1

Where from: 7 purchased, 2 library

Type: 1 physical, 8 ebook

The longest book I read this month was We Break Immortals by Thomas Howard Riley with 1054 pages and the shortest was Up To Snow Good by Charlie Novak with 180 pages.

4 Star

The Village in of Secret Dreams by Alison Sherlock

This was sweet and I enjoyed the romance.

Christendom Destroyed by Mark Greengrass

My interest in early modern history really depends on the country. Britain, not so much but the rest of Europe I like.

3.5 Star

Never by Ken Follett

An interesting novel about the potential outbreak of nuclear war.

We Break Immortals by Thomas Howard Riley

One of the better Kindle Unlimited fantasy novels I’ve read.

3 Star

Up To Snow Good by Charlie Novak

Cute and I like the romance but the story was a little overwritten at times.

2.5 Star

A Tale of Two Christmases by Rosemary Whitaker

I can’t really remember this book at all so that’s not a good sign.

Let It Snow by Beth Moran

The same as above. I cannot remember what happened at all.

2 Star

Christmas in Paris by Tilly Tennant

The main character irritated me and the love interest barely appeared for about half the story. I just didn’t care.

Just For December by Laura Jane Williams

I don’t think fake dating stories are really for me. The main woman also irritated me with her judgemental attitude and constant negativity.


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